Social Responsibility

In its work, the Limited Liability Company “ATLANTICS CONSTRUCTION” not only performs the main task of business activity – to achieve maximum efficient result of its activity, but also realizes its influence upon the society and its interests in general. We are committed to be socially responsible in our solutions and in our work. Environment, society, industry market, work space – these are the main factors, which, interacting, directly influence upon the interests of each other and upon the Far-Eastern Region in general! Establishing and maintaining these relationships is the task of everyone! Therefore, our company realizes that its understanding of corporate social responsibility should be improved on a continuous basis.


In its work, the Limited Liability Company “ATLANTICS CONSTRUCTION” relies on keizen principles, which are relevant at all times, as well as on ISO standards. The company acknowledges possible damage to the environment, that can be caused in the course of construction works, and strictly observes all aspects of the international standard. Compliance with the requirements of environmental protection and efficient use of resources are controlled on a continuous basis and improved subject to economic opportunities.


Enterprise workers, partners in cooperation, subcontractors, clients, society in the broadest sense are those categories that directly influence upon the company activity.

When designing items, first of all, we try to take into consideration the interests of all parties: the customer, society and the city as an entity, thus settlement of social conflicts, if such conflicts arise, is the priority task for us! We strive for the best result that would satisfy the customer as well as all residents of the city and the territory.


Limited Liability Company “ATLANTICS CONSTRUCTION” defends fair competence principles and exercises them in its work, fulfils in good faith all its obligations in relation to the state and encourages development of regional business.

Work Space

The company acknowledges and fulfills all duties and obligations in relation to its workers – enterprise employees. We conduct comprehensive work regarding employee training and education, develop social policy, and improve the system of labour protection and organization of employees’ leisure time.