Project Organizations

Limited Liability Company "Argus-Art" is a project organization offering its Clients a comprehensive range of services regarding architectural and construction designing and production engineering starting from residential complexes, community, administrative and production facilities to country estate. We also perform architectural supervision and project support at all stages of construction.

Limited Liability Company "GrandProjectCity" is an architect’s office.

Main directions of activities include the following: performing all stages of design works, main construction works within implementation of own projects. "Grand Proekt City" is headed by the professor of the International Academy of Architecture, member of the Artists' Union of Russia Mr. Saprichian Karen Vachikovich. Main directions of designing include: off-standard items forming the urban environment – buildings, squares, fountains, monuments, memorial stelae etc.

"Far-Eastern Marine Research, Design and Technology Institute" (DNIIMF) is an integrated institute performing a wide range of design works related mainly to the activity of marine transport.

Providers of services, materials and technologies:

Limited Liability Company "Invest Group" is engaged in services of providing specialized construction machinery and drilling operations:

  • Water drilling;
  • Drilling for geotechnical surveys;
  • Arrangement of bore injection piles.

In their work the Company specialists use one of the most reliable drilling machines that suits the Far-Eastern environment in the best possible way.

KAMAZ-based drilling machine URB 51 is successfully used when constructing pillars, fence posts and railings of any types. Due to its size this device can be adjusted almost to any lot where boring of holes of various diameter is to be conducted. With the help of the drilling machine URB 51 one can bore holes for posts, piles, footing, planting with the high level of precision and quality.

KAMAZ-based drilling machine URB 51а refers to the type of crane drilling machines with the carrying capacity up to 2 tons, maximum height of hook elevation of 8 m, all of this considerably increasing labour efficiency, amount of work completed and consequently saving your time!

Schüco is not only the supplier of advanced window and facade technologies and efficient solar systems, but also a reliable partner for architectures, processers, enterprises engaged in installation of solar system, designers, investors and developers. The aim is to offer for any markets and climatic zones custom solutions for private building construction as well as for commercial and industrial buildings. For this purpose there is a wide range of high quality solutions and materials used in new construction as well as in improvement of existing buildings. Schüco systems are made subject to strict quality standards in relation to energy efficiency, safety, comfort and design.

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LLC "Optima"

LLC "Construction Technologies"

LLC "Beaton"