Interesting Facts

Speaking about the use of various world trends in the course of construction, one should not be limited by the technological aspects of the matter. Sometimes even the houses that are clearly designed and made of high quality materials fail to provide the sense of comfort and warmth that we are looking for. We analyze the site with good reason under the principle of comfortable living. The reasons for that may be various factors, one of the important factors being the territory energetics.

The architectural shape of the building which causes in us the feeling corresponding to its appointment, it and is style.

In Greek “dactyl” means “finger” and “graphia” means “to write” — a method of identifying a person by fingerprints (including by finger and palm prints) based on the unique dermatoglyph. It is widely used in forensic science. It is based on the ideas of the Englishman William Gershel, who in 1877 put forward a theory about the permanent nature of papillary pattern of human palmar surfaces. This theory resulted in long investigations of the author who worked as a police officer in India.
Guardian Industries was established in 1932 as Guardian Glass Company manufacturing glass for automobile industry. In 1970 a considerable step was made and the company entered the market of manufacturing glass for window structures. In view of the company management’s pursuance for nanotechnology-based solutions, scientific researches of Guardian specialists in the field of chemistry were successful.
FRANCESCO MOLON – the history of this factory started in 1966. Being engaged in reproduction of European antique furniture, a small Italian factory gradually developed into a large manufacture having over 100 skilled craftsmen in the field of visual arts, marquetry and gilding.