Feng Shui at the stage of pre-design works


Speaking about the use of various world trends in the course of construction, one should not be limited by the technological aspects of the matter. Sometimes even the houses that are clearly designed and made of high quality materials fail to provide the sense of comfort and warmth that we are looking for. We analyze the site with good reason under the principle of comfortable living. The reasons for that may be various factors, one of the important factors being the territory energetics.

Nowadays no one is surprised by Feng Shui concept, Tao practice of symbolic space exploration, the so-called practice of “the Wind and the Water”. In the course of designing our objects we do our best to use all possible variants of creating maximum comfortable conditions for future residents, lease holders and simple guests. We aim not only to optimize the space but also to make it work for you in future.

One of the ways is to conduct analysis under the system of Nine Palaces – the ancient Chinese system of separating the space into 9 zones. The system of Nine Palaces allows correct defining of energetics of any sector within the building or apartment, which is used for the purpose of space harmonization.

Separation into nine palaces corresponds to division into 8 cardinal directions. Each of nine palaces is related to a certain trigram, which refers to a particular environment. Establishing communication with it shall bring luck as well as the number and the colour forming the star of any Palace.

The work group engaged in organization of the territory of public services and amenities and development of the general design of the residential complex “Magnum” took the principles of Feng Shui as a basis and tried to consider them to the maximum degree when zoning the development area. Now every resident staying in the “right” part of the complex can target the energy at one’s own wish!

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