There is always a choice

04/06/2015 12:26:00 AM
One of the main problems of modern successful people is the general lack of free time and unfortunately mostly for themselves.

Status of a clubhouse resident will solve most of the problems related to everyday life arrangement, comfort creation and property state control. However, creating a unique comfortable atmosphere in the house requires a lot of time and efforts.

Who can implement your idea of a dream house? Who can you entrust with arranging this private part of your life? And, which is more important, how to find time for all this?

ATLANTICS CONSTRUCTION is happy to inform you that the concept of our residential complexes provides for three options in solving these issues:

1. Sale of fine finish apartments
Perfect option for those who are not limited in time and who wish to participate in each stage of repair works: starting from creative design to purchase of materials and decoration elements.

2. Sale of fine finish apartments including the service of development of the apartment design project by specialists of ATLANTICS CONSTRUCTION This option will save your time because our company designers know well the objects and are full of ideas in relation to space arrangement. However, you can also participate in the process of creating your interior.
3. Sale of apartments on a turn-key basis
The title saves explanations! For instance, by the moment of commissioning the residential complex “Magnum” 64 apartments (10, 11, 12, 13 floors of both towers) will be presented to sophisticated public in all their beauty! You will be able to evaluate the level of apartments offered on the web-site, that is to say on-the-job, as well as with your own eyes! There will be a little left to do!

As the famous author said, “Money in the morning – chairs in the evening!”

Apartment design project