Design week in Italy according to ATLANTICS CONSTRUCTION

04/07/2015 12:26:00 AM
Beginning of 2015 turned out to be bright and intensive for our company: two business trips to opposite parts of the world were being prepared at the same time, the aim of these trips being to select and purchase finishing materials for “Magnum” project. Taking into account the busy schedule of each group and the huge volume of information to be processed, the level of training of our specialists was close to “landing on the Moon”!

Few words about the results of the first business trip:

Destination – Europe, Italy.

The aim was to select interior designers and manufacturers of furniture and decoration elements.
1. It is an open secret that long ago Italy became the trend-setter in all spheres. That is why without a second thought we addressed the masters of designing, such as AVENANTI, BERLONI, FORMENTI, D ANGELI, LE FABLIER, TONIN, POLTRONI E DIVANI, MARCARREDI, BARBETTI, FRANCESCO MOLON.

There is no point in speaking about advantages of each brand! Seeing once is better, and better in our company!

Cooperation agreements were concluded with all the companies, thus allowing us to satisfy any designing fantasy as soon as possible and on beneficial terms. Whether you use the services of our designers or arrange the repair works yourself, we will always be happy to assist you in interacting with these manufacturers. The proud owners of fine finish apartments on a turn-key basis will be able to see these pieces of the designing art at their homes!