No need to erect walls!

04/08/2015 12:26:00 AM
As we told you before, the works regarding construction of facade of the residential complex “Magnum’ had been started. Moreover, the fact of no external carrying walls in the project can be surprising for someone, but the answer is quite simple. Modern construction technologies are aimed at simplification of the designing process and construction of buildings by means of optimizing the functions of various construction elements.

In this case due to the use of stick system facades SCHUCO we erect walls and at the same time create the exclusive image of the building.

Moreover, the use of similar energy-efficient technologies and intellectual systems for facades allow considerable reducing of primary energy consumption of the whole building as well as creating its own unique climate in each apartment!
Even today you have possibility to observe this interesting process. The first construction elements have already been assembled in “Magnum” and few weeks later they will be completed with Gurdian insulating glass unit, to be more exact SunGuardHP 43/31. The unique production technology for this glass allows reducing the overheating and cooling of rooms and permitting through the optimum quantity of the day light.

This indestructible tandem of two industrial giants will provide the residents of the complex with favourable weather at home and will minimize utility bills.

Photo: Logo Guardian