Up to the mark

04/09/2015 12:26:00 AM
Pursuance for perfection is a perpetuum mobile for modern people covering all spheres of their life. In this chase for success the winners are those who manage to solve all the problems set and also to be in advance of the time!

Beauty, strength and endurance are the factors accompanying any success, and health is the earnest of everything. Going in for sport nowadays is not only fashionable, it has become an integral part of human life, that is why specialists paid much attention to development of the sports area in the residential complex Magnum.

Spacious, airy and lightful gyms will help you to achieve the proper mood for the work out. Incredible panoramic view will turn your work out into rest.

What can be more wonderful than jogging in the clouds in the morning? And what about practicing yoga at the elevation of one hundred meters, like Tibetan monks do in the mountains? That is exactly what you will feel in our sport center located on the 24 floor of the complex.

Selection of sport equipment and its arrangement was made based on recommendations of the leaders of Russian fitness industry. In the course of designing all possible requirements of future residents were taken into account: maximum free space, the highest level of ventilation and acoustic isolation, space division for “quiet” and “loud” zones, phyto-bar and the pearl of our complex – spa with the panoramic view over the city.

Fitness center will be working only for Magnum residents! However, if you wish you can obtain a guest card from the administrator at any time and invite your visiting friends and relatives to share with you the celestial enjoyment!