No key required

04/10/2015 12:25:00 AM
Development of science and technology is a process extremely important for the whole mankind, especially when this development helps us in our everyday life.
How many times did you have to waste your time and run out of patience searching for keys? It is not pleasant and under the Murphy's Law it happens exactly when you have lots of bags, packs, kids etc. and are totally exhausted.
Status of “Magnum” resident automatically solves the problem of “hands full”, personnel of each residential complex will render you all the necessary assistance at any time. But what to do with the key?
A perfect solution of this problem shall be the doors with biometric locks – just touch the sensor with your finger and the door will recognize you and open itself!
BARS Company has long been famous for the design of their doors as well as for useful technologies, that is why we chose this brand. All entrance doors to apartments and common areas of Magnum shall bear the proud name of BARS. A number of apartments will be equipped with the doors with biometric locks.
BARS biometric door has the most simple and understandable operation system. The door is equipped with a controller having 4 buttons and a digital display. Upon entering the protection code and pushing two buttons, you can delete or save any of 99 memory cells. Knowing the protection code you can easily open or close access to the apartment without any specialists or computer. Tamper resistance of these doors corresponds to class I under the banking GOST R 51113-97 “Protective means for banks. Requirements to tamper resistance and testing methods”.
You will definitely not want to change the doors!