52-58, Okeanskiy Prospect St

The residential complex presents a futuristic architectural ensemble consisting of two towers, 24-storey high, and a monumental stylobate part, the 5 floors of which shall locate the parking area and a modern shopping center. Despite of a slightly flaunting appearance of the precipitately soaring towers they perfectly blend with the environment: sunrays playing on the mirror-like front surface and the clouds reflected on it create a fantastic spatial effect! Height of the building superstructure amounts to 75 meters, total area amounts to approximately 40 000 square meters – totally making 399 free layout apartments with the area ranging from 43 to 200 square meters. Space planning decisions of both towers shall suit the tastes of all potential purchasers! The view from the floor-to-ceiling windows over the expanse of the Amur Bay, golden domes of Pokrovsky Cathedral, historical center of the city shall leave no doubts that this a rightful place for you and your family.

Floor Plan

1 section 4-13 floor plan

2 section 4-13 floor plan
Technology and materials

Compulsory condition when designing the complex was the use of high quality modern technologies and materials verified not only by the world leaders in the field of construction but also by our company in the course of implementing other projects.

- Technology of framework reinforcement socketing; - Stick system facades SCHUECO; - Use of alternate sources of energy to illuminate the territories of the complex services and public amenities as well as common facilities; - Electronic system of ventilation and air-conditioning; - “Smart house” system.


The general concept of Atlantics City comprises the items that have already become common for modern residents of megalopolises.

Hour Concierge — office, ready to perform all your orders and needs at any time. Access road system equipped with snowmelting system. Access to the mail urban highways. The unique high-speed elevators and escalators. Grocery store providing goods of class “luxury”. Fitness club and sauna equipped with panoramic windows looking out at the Golden Horn Bay. Wellness-cafe. Ground maintenance and garbage disposal. Covered warm parking area for 350 cars. Pharmacy, medical room liaising with the best hospitals of the city. Modern children’s developing center and a playground. Spa and beauty salon with sunbathing open terrace. Office space and spacious conference rooms.

52-58, Okeanskiy Prospect St