Technology and Materials

Compulsory condition when designing the complex was the use of high quality modern technologies and materials verified not only by the world leaders in the field of construction but also by our company in the course of implementing other projects:

  • Technology of framework reinforcement socketing;
  • Stick system facades SCHUECO;
  • Use of alternate sources of energy to illuminate the territories of the complex services and public amenities as well as common facilities;
  • Electronic system of ventilation and air-conditioning;
  • “Smart house” system.


The general concept of Atlantiks City comprises the items that have already become common for modern residents of megalopolises:

  • private apartments;
  • office premises;
  • commercial areas;
  • gym.

All of this shall allow focusing around you all the necessary aspects of life, saving time for travelling around the city and saving not minutes, but hours of rest and life of joy!

Developed infrastructure shall ensure comfortable living in the residential complex. The territory provides for dry-cleaner’s and laundry and children development center which have already become common for us. In our shopping center with the area amounting to approximately 17 000 square meters you can easily find everything starting from the goods of prime necessity and ending with exclusive for our city brands which names shall be a great surprise not only for residents of our complex but also for all city residents!

Based on the results of the analysis conducted by the specialists of the market research and business development center the shopping center is designed in such a way that every resident of the house should be able to enjoy the whole range of possible services making no unnecessary actions: various shopping, food court, cinema, beauty salon and many others. Developed system of escalators and elevators linking the shopping center to the towers shall bring you, satisfied and pleasantly tired after intensive shopping, in a matter of seconds to the doors of your flat!

The last floor of one of the towers shall locate a gym, the air atmosphere of which shall help its visitors to create divine shape!

Security and concierge shall make an integral part of the hall. Automatic fire alarm system, high-speed elevators, modern ventilation system shall operate throughout the residential complex on a constant basis. Operation of these services shall be uninterrupted because in the course of designing works we ensured a backup power supply system.

We would like to draw your attention to availability of own managing company to monitor the work of all services round the clock. Qualified professionals shall use their best endeavors to ensure adequate standard of living in our residential complex.

Moreover, we will take care of pleasant neighbouring of your family. At the initial stage of transaction performance the procedure of approving the future neighbours shall be compulsory.

When designing “Atlantiks City” a thorough analysis of adjacent infrastructure facilities and their remoteness from the house was conducted. For those who find spacious playgrounds and sport fields located within the territory of public amenities and recreation areas providing spaces for walking the pets to be insufficient, Pokrovsky park located in the vicinity shall also become the area of possible family recreation. Round-the-clock drug store and several SPA salons are conveniently located across the road. Close proximity of two secondary schools Nos 17 and 29 as well as a kindergarten No. 67 shall also make the parents happy.

“Atlantiks City” presents a living illustration of synergy of a challenging architectural concept, a tight-knit project and modern materials used for construction.