Technology and Materials

A distinctive feature of the project is modern technology and high-quality materials that have been applied during construction and have no similar analogues at the local market.

— What is definitely worth mentioning here is a well-known company, GUARDIAN industries, one of the world’s largest manufactures of float and fabricated glass products. Their products are used in the production of prestigious cars as Bentley, Porsche, Audi, Rolls-Royce as well as in the construction of unique architectural projects in Europe, USA, the Middle East. Glass distinguishes energy efficient, impact resistance and light transmission, windproof and protection from UV radiation.

— Frontage facade profile is made by the German company SCHUECO, which is considered to be the best in the world construction market. It meets all international standards and provides not only frost and fire resistance, but also guaranties a lasting quality.

— Being guided by world construction experience, we use the following technologies: Technology-coupling compound of the carcass reinforcement. Such solutions are used in construction of spaceports and nuclear power stations providing strength and durability. Resistant constructed structures. This technology also prevents press shrinkage and temperature cracks and reduces the load of foundation.This technology is centuries-old construction guarantee for your future life.

— Unique conditioning system of the building, that saves energy consumption by three times is included in the complex price. Being located in the back of the fire passage, it doesn’t spoil exterior of the house and operates silently.

— Electronic ventilation system is also included in the complex price.Ventilation prevents from dust and odours which stay in the building.

— Resident members club decoration impresses even the most demanding consumers. The leading Russian designers and architects have developed fabulous lobbies, decorated with natural stone, fountains and artworks. Along with beautiful interiors of all premises, “Magnum” was created for comfort, and equipped with the latest high-speed elevators, escalators, fire safety system and exterior solar energy lighting.